Tea for a Garden Party

Is it time for a tea party? There are plenty of ways to take time out for a tea and there equally as many celebrations where a tea party is the perfect fit. No matter if it is in the garden or your living or sitting room a tea party is always in fashion. So what are a couple of the different types of party that go well with tea?

Of course you have the straight tea party. And for one of those you don’t need any reason to celebrate, but what about these options?

  • Bridal Shower
  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday
  • Engagement Party

All four of these types of party lend themselves very well to being organized around a tea party. They are relaxed familiar setting that are celebrated with your closest friends as well as family. The opportunity to share a little free time over a cup of tea is a great chance for you to catchup, talk about where you are at in your life and to look forward to what the next chapter will bring. A tea party is one of the few types of parties that brings the tempo down to a comfortable level for you and your guests. While other parties are about loud music, dancing, and drinking this can’t be said about a tea party.

Of course you will be engaged over a cup of steaming tea, cake, and small delicacies, not to forget engaging and rewarding conversation.

All of these virtues make a tea party desirable and easy to overlook. You see the average tea party doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself. It doesn’t attempt to stand on center stage and that is why you need to make the invitation.

The different invitations you will find on this site are ideal for your tea party. No matter which direction you want to take it, the party will allow itself to be easily shaped to fit what you are looking for. Unlike other parties where the theme is the feature, the tea party is just the setting not the theme. You are free to do things how you see fit. That means you aren’t limited by the setting but rather, freed by it, so that you can focus on an enjoyable afternoon with those that mean the most to you.

While I have spoken to you directly you may not even be the one who is in focus. While you maybe the one that is going to host the tea party there may be somebody else filling the honoree’s seat.

The beautiful thing about a tea party is that they are easy to organize. We will look at that shortly to give you a good idea on how you can get your tea party setup for even bridal showers and more. But they are also easy to setup as well. We will look at each of these benefits to give you an idea for different ways you can make the most out of the celebration. Doilies and all.

Invitations By Design

The invitations that you will find on the site offer a lot of great opportunities that are ideal for the many different faces of a tea party.

That is to say that the invitations you will find here on the site give you an excellent opportunity to focus on what is important, while letting the invitations do what they do best. And while there are so many different options – designs that have been carefully crafted to fit your needs – you can choose the perfect for your tea party.

Of course that means you will have more time for what is important. Namely getting the different varieties of tea, cakes, treats, and china collect for what is both a relaxing party to plan, prepare, and attend.

When it comes time to start making the preparations for your special event you may choose the tea party as a comfortable base to begin with.

The general idea for the party is that it is slightly more formal as well as reserved as other types of celebrations. And this makes it perfect for things like bridal showers and similar types of parties.

In fact new options have been added for tea party bridal showers. One question that often accompanies this style of bridal shower is if the theme plays a role. And you should be reassured to learn that it does not. In fact you can skip this part all together or choose to include on that goes well with the tea party or bridal shower aspect, but the choice is up to you.

The same can be said for all of the other types of party that the tea party works exceptionally well with.

Tea or Garden Party

Sometime when the weather is nice it can be difficult to decide if you want to host a tea party or a garden party. And while you may think that they are very unique things in deed the truth is that they can be a beautiful compliment to one another. When you realize what goes into hosting a garden party as a bridal shower you will see that they are not that different after all.

But before you start using them a synonym you should be aware that there are certain differences that apply.

Though it is not uncommon to drink tea at a garden party the term tea party would rarely be used to describe the

Either of the two options provide you with a great opportunity to style the party so that the true meaning shines through without being engulfed by a theme heavy bridal shower.

This is a chance to really show what you can do without needing to spend months preparing from it. The beautiful thing about a tea or garden party bridal shower is that it allows you to actually plan something that is manageable.

The need to show off all of the different pieces – common to other bridal showers – takes a back seat when you plan a tea party shower. In fact these aspects can be seen when you look at all of the different bridal shower invitations we have for the tea party.

What is a Bridal Shower

I think one of the easiest ways to put the beauty of a tea party bridal shower into perspective is to ask what is a bridal shower. What is a bridal shower?

The question might come as a shock to you if you are chugging away full steam ahead for your shower. Thankfully if you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain that the plans you made – or didn’t make – in the beginning might not turn out how you intended you can always simplify them now. That means that if you have found your way here searching for an easy bridal shower you still have the chance to change your plans. And you will be surprised how easy it can be to make things simpler. Many of the preparations can be refurbished to work with a tea party styled bridal shower.

There is no point in getting rid of anything that you have purchased for the shower theme. Even if they are slightly different than the normal bridal shower the added variation can be seen as a cute extra touch rather than something that is out of place. The tea party can take place in the garden – when the weather permits – though your living or sitting room are also ideal. In fact it is the versatility of the tea party that has made it accessible for so many different styles of party.

We’ll also give them their due, but before we turn our attention to them lets look at the last piece of the puzzle so that the shower is one that is remembered for years to come. And a cherished memory is something that is worth its weight in gold. Because they have a unique chance that few things are given. Namely they get more valuable as time goes by. A memorable afternoon shared in preparation for a marriage is going to last much longer than the theme that encased it. And while the theme may be fun it is contemporary, while a tea party is timeless.

Other Tea Parties

As you know we don’t just focus on the tea party. In fact it is one of many styles that we are pleased to share with you, but it is by far not the one that most people think of when they play around with the idea of a tea party.

Birthday Tea Party

Much of the commotion that you hear about tea parties being for old people, well it isn’t all true, but when it comes to tea parties and birthdays you will often find them being celebrated at 35+ birthday parties. Though the whole tea/garden birthday party can work just as well for your little girl.

And while it may not be your first choice there are a lot of great reasons why people have decided to host a tea party for their birthday. And it isn’t only because cake is the corner stone of both types of party. Though now that we think about it that is a great way to save on some of the work!

Engagement Tea Party

Few think of the engagement tea party as being an option. But the truth it is that they are a great chance for you to acknowledged your engagement and offer a nice celebration for those that you want to share the great news with.

While few people think about this use for the tea party there are plenty of ways for you to shape an engagement party. Just like with the bridal shower – an event like an engagement can be shaped to suite your needs, tastes, and style.

The nicest part about a tea party is that it can be hosted on the weekend, the typical time for an engagement party is Sunday afternoon. This was because it would often – and still is in traditional circles – be held after church as a type of lunchtime celebration. Of course today they are held at any time of the day. But they are still an ideal complement to one another.

Baby Shower Tea Party

We talked about the many excellent means to host a bridal shower in conjunction with a tea party so it should come as no surprise to you that the baby shower isn’t any different. In fact the baby shower is probably the forerunner of the tea party shower.

There are many different ways for you to shape them, but as with the bridal shower, the theme comes second to the party.

Unlike the current trend to style the bridal or baby shower into an almost picture perfect photo opportunity the tea party style of shower focuses on the party and the people.

That means that you have less to plan and more possible chances for actually hosting a memorable party, albeit one with a tasty assortment of tea!

The Tea Party

Of course we have looked through all different styles or reasons why you may choose to have a tea party. But what about the most obvious reason? The, tea party for tea parties sake?

Please don’t think that this has been overlooked, passed over, or pushed to the side in favor of the other styles. It has most certainly not been ignored.

But it was important to give you ideas on the different ways you might utilize the tea party for a wide number of different styles of party that are unique and at the same time share something common with one another.

We have a choice of options for each. And that means when you look for bridal shower invitations, those to announce an engagement, or the coming of a new baby, all of these diverse options give you the chance to offer a style of party that is as timeless as it is fitting for your special occasion.